Things you should check before buying a hatchback

Hatchback is currently the most preferred segment in the Indian market. Most new car buyers are choosing a hatchback over other vehicles due to its practicality, affordability, fuel efficiency, ease of handling and more. With an increase in demand, Indian automobile industry has become one of the world’s largest portfolio of hatchbacks.
Various car manufacturers are focusing on creating best hatchback cars in India in different categories, right from entry-level to the most premium ones and are aimed to give you an enhanced experience at an affordable cost.
If you’re planning to buy a hatchback, here’s a list of things you should check:

1. Style
Hatchbacks are visually more appealing than a traditional sedan, which could be a reason behind their increasing popularity. When you are buying a new car, make sure its design goes well with your personality and makes you stand out from the rest, every time you’re on the road.

When I was planning to buy my first car, I went to a Renault showroom to check out its popular hatchback, the Renault KWID. I was very fascinated with its SUV-inspired design and it was a perfect match for me.

2. Space
When you’re looking to buy a stylish car, make sure you don’t have to compromise on other practical requirements. Space is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a hatchback. A spacious car enhances your overall travel experience. An ideal hatchback offers a generous and convenient boot as well as storage spaces, so that you can carry all the required things with ease.

3. Safety
If you plan to own a vehicle, be sure that you don’t have to compromise on safety. It’s ideal to look for a safer car regardless of what vehicle configuration you are looking for. The modern hatchbacks come with features that protect drivers and passengers both. You should select a hatchback that fits your individual safety needs and preferences.

With my KWID, I’ve always experienced a secured ride. It is equipped with a driver airbag, a seat belt reminder, new rear retractable seat belts and central locking, which ensure complete peace of mind. Moreover, I can easily take my car out in all weather conditions and on different road surfaces with the help of its front disc brakes with ABS.

4. Features for driving comfort and convenience
It is necessary that you look for specific features that offer enhanced comfort and convenience, making every ride an easy task. These features include adjustable front and back seats, armrests, MediaNAV, reverse parking sensors and more. Today, most manufacturers are investing heavily on their upcoming hatchbacks to meet your expectations and provide you with a host of best-in-class features.

Check out the best hatchback cars in India and get into the details of every car you have in mind, to see which one is a perfect match for you. Once you have ticked the above checklist, don’t forget to check the price, expert reviews, compare it with its competitors in the segment and take it for a test drive to make the prefect choice.

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